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Hopefully you get your mind straight and get help you disguisting pig. He is NOT okay mentally and needs help that's why he left Harvard and fled the country he had a breakdown. Why are people always so concerned on others religion,beliefs, or sexuality. He has since come out at Harvard and Columbia University where he was going for his bachelors degree at the School for adult studies. I could not fall in love with a guy that is pro-life, but I can for sure pound him senseless before I ever find out. And for those of you who cannot spell, please have some respect for your own DAMN language! For actors such as sir Ian McKellen, it isn't an issue since they no longer hold a sexual image that the movie companies will exploit to straight tweens putting posters up in their rooms.

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All the allegation of a Jonathan is true he needs serious help but when cone from a messed up family that's what happens it's sad.

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

He has only had bit roles in some minor movies and moderately successful TV shows such as 8 Simple Rules He's most Def NOT gay. In fact, there are a lot of other instances where the "right to life" is trumped by the rights of other humans! He actually left Harvard without graduating due to a nervous breakdown he suffered in his third year. He is NOT okay mentally and needs help that's why he left Harvard and fled the country he had a breakdown. Now I aint saying mister JTT was any great actor like these names mentioned in fact aint much of a fan outside the show Home Improvement, but just because the guy could probably pull more women then most of those making the shitty comments doesn't give the right to hate. Then he should start a career in twink porn.

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johnthan taylor thomas nude
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