Asian pacific american countries

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Overwhelmed and too pained to stay, many Filipinos immigrated to the U. The Japanese call this first-generation of immigrants "Issei. Cao, Lan, and Novas, Himilce. A Asian American Action Fund report found that inthere were Asian American elected officials, including two US senators, five US representatives, 64 state senators, 97 state representatives, three state governors, 19 city mayors, city or county council members or other municipal elected officials, and judges. From to46, Chinese came to Hawaii as contract laborers to work on pineapple and sugarcane plantations. With the passage of the Hart-Celler Act inwhich did away with racial quotas, Indians were able to enter the U.

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Apart from the Indochinese, they have high marriage rates, and most except the Japanese are youthful populations.

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Asian-Pacific Americans

Census Bureau definition of Asians refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent. Later refugees, mostly farmers, fishers and small traders, have lacked the language, skills and capital to reach the same levels. Asian Pacific Americans are the second fastest growing group in the USA, having increased in number fromin to 7 million in and over 12 million in the Census count. Search for all Korean American-related items Additionally, many of these immigrants entered the U. With the mines depleted, Chinese went to work in agriculture, landfill and irrigation-system construction, and transcontinental railroad construction. This generation formed professional organizations, community service agencies and political interest groups that fought for bilingual education, Asian Studies programmes in universities, multilingual voting ballots and better working conditions in the garment and restaurant sectors where poorer Asians worked.

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asian pacific american countries
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asian pacific american countries
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