Erotic fantasy armor

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Kelvarr Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: As a side note, if your armor is as or more ridiculous than Warhammer's either 40k or Fantasyexpect to be mocked. The character's armor is specially designed to intimidate their enemies, either by just looking menacing or realizing what the armor is, is enough to inspire dread. Jul 19, Posts: The outfits fit the profile. Maybe something from an anime perhaps. Sat Oct 03, 2:

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Fantasy Armor

Stupid and sexist western fantasy designs have been common long before anime became popular outside of Japan. Kelvarr Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: When you have a dominatrix character who makes Ivy look like an amateur, you know you've gone completely and totally over the top. Fri Oct 02, 5: Still, blue up top, brown below, blond ponytail, sword as weapon, and the only real armor is pauldrons. As you may see with the images to the side, fantasy doesn't need its armor to be logically sound. However, the outrageousness has been dialed waaaaay back in recent years, which bumps her down significantly.

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erotic fantasy armor
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erotic fantasy armor
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