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He couldn't wait anymore, just as Fiona was about to say something about Tails just staring at her, he attacked her right breast with his mouth while his left hand massaged and lightly pulled and twisted its way to successfully pleasing her, switching occasionally. First try obviously so I know I fucked up something, just review and tell me and maybe future ones will show up! What if Tails and Rouge never fell in love? The Wolf's Passion 5. He smiled and put a hand on her cheek, comforting her the best he could. Suddenly Tails's member began twitching and pulsing and she knew what was coming before it happened. He just didn't see the appeal in overly large breaststhey just weren't attractive.

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When they did brake the kiss a minute later from a lack of air, it left a small trail of saliva connecting the two.

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Tails x Fiona

If that hole in that tree over there is what I think it is, we should only be a few minutes from my workshop actually. Tails falls in love with someone else and Rouge suffers from Shadow. The wolf walked into the room and sat down next to her, giving her the sprite as she opened it lightly and took a sip. It was then he decided that he could live without his parents, but he couldn't live without Fiona. While under normal circumstances I wouldn't care, however these are not normal circumstances. Plus he was a lot diffrent then the other men she usually dated.

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