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While not nearly as obvious, Cynthia is still an excitable Genki Girl who wants to be heroic above all else and shows relatively little care for girly endeavors, while Severa, even if still a very capable fighter herself, puts a great deal of pride and emphasis into being a "proper lady". Sarah is one of the most powerful female characters, possessing superhuman strength like her brother, and is able to beat up almost every other character usually the Eds. The "dramatis personae" describes them as follows: And she can kill you with her mind. You probably did research into just how much laughter a person could take before keeling over. Admit it…everyone wants to live in Canada! I just got a Nook Tablet for christmas and this is going to be my first big purchase!

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The novel is notable for not existing in a complete state, with only the first section being written in detail.

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Tomboy and Girly Girl

Plus, it makes me feel a bit better about my own fucked up childhood, so thanks! Not that she wanted to. Sakura used to be the girly girl to Ino's tomboy when they were children, however Ino eventually ended up the girly girl to Sakura's tomboy. I totally have them fathomed…………. In absolutely no time, they were at the bridge and heading over to Paopu Island. I too had an eccentric dad, and I do tend to worry how much he passed onto me, how my children see me, how I am affecting them and the generations to come. My sisters ocd and looks she gives me when I rant….

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