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She couldn't believe she was even contemplating watching it, but curiosity got the better of her and she clicked on one of the links she'd found. He was so hungry for this. He spread her legs apart and again started to eat her out. When she was ready, I slowly moved my dick in and out of her ass, using longer and longer strokes as her anus relaxed until I was fucking her freely. He kissed the back of my neck and whispered, "I told you so. His hands reached around me from behind and started to massage my tits as he kissed and sucked on my neck.

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He slowly pulled his cock out half way and then firmly pushed back in, making Alice gasp loudly. I kind of put myself in her place during the act. Her pussy was already dripping wet and when Sam pushed three fingers deep into it she came again, pushing down on his hand and covering his face in cum. We changed positions, i layed down on my back and put my legs on his shoulders. He always rubbed my shoulders and said he gave great massages. She started to move herself forward and back on my fingers so I moved them in and out as if I were fucking her, at this point she became super aroused and was moving faster banging her cheeks on my hand, I used my other hand to rub and finger her pussy and she just went wild, pulling at the bed sheets and shouting 'yes yes' and I can't tell you how amazed I was, this continued until she had an orgasm and laid back on the bed, she was bright red with panting, about 2 mins later she was asleep. Oh fuck, I can feel his cock… Read Story.

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anal experience first story
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anal experience first story
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