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There are some, but not many. I didn't realize I was a midget! I know as a Manlet, a lot of my advice gets thrown over the shoulder purely because a lot of guys have this mentality that I only look a certain way because I'm short, BS!!! Being shorter makes muscle more notable on you Originally Posted by 3DarkAngel6. Taller bodybuilders can succeed, enter Greg Kovacsit's just about proportions. Proportions and symmetry is what matters.

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Its just because the muscle looks larger when its on a shorter bone.

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Jason Owen – One Midget Bodybuilder (8 photos)

A very small percentage of the worlds population are 6 feet plus and have great genetics for bodybuilding - but the few that are both big and strong tend to go on play professional sports rather than bodybuilding because lifting weights all day, then eating boring food, then sleeping and then that repeated all day everyday meanwhile pumping yourself full dangerous quantities of steroids is not something that appeals to a lot of people. Its just because the muscle looks larger when its on a shorter bone. LOL my bad if I offended any of the shorter guys! I know this guy who is like 5'5"-5'6" and looks huge, but he isn't any bigger than me, which I am 5'10". He was like 6'2" and had the greatest proportions ever. For worm-like, then, oh!

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midget body builders
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midget body builders
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