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I feel this is the same scenario as I've seen this happen with other game franchises Lang [10] Knight Nov 14, Sectus [14] Master Oct 30, Rarely can we focus on the battle mechanics or the blocking system without some member pointing out that it might impact how Ivy will move. Not only that, but they've chronicled the boobilicious beauties from the Soul Calibur series and pointed to the best work of McNamara and Troy.

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Ivy needs a third breast. It's full-on Jerry Springer material and completely inefficient for fighting. Posted in September 13 and we know it just now? Sectus [14] Master Oct 30, Developers will only make sequels to games that they know will sell really well, otherwise it's a bad investment. Damn look at them titties. This was pretty funny.

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  1. I love her feet and boobs (never been into big tits), but I have to agree, her face is just so sexy.,