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She led me up the stairs to her apartment, the moment I got in, I slammed the door, grabbed her, threw her up against the wall and went in for the kiss. More field reports should follow this example. Now for the funny part, I'm still floored from back when she dubbed me her 'Country Boy Sweetheart' so I'm absolutely useless in carrying a conversation and building any sort of connecting with this chick; I'm literally screaming in my head, "You fucking moron, TALK TO HER you mother fucker! The most important parts are this, the car ride to her place was simple and relaxed, we listened to the radio and talked mainly in a raunchy dialogue. Join Date Jan Gender: She comes back with our drinks and immediately, the new guy I met in Orlando starts hitting on her hard, with the big guns; he's going heavy sexual, looking at her boobs, making comments about them and how sexy she is etc. The rest is the legend of my life -The End.

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So now that you know my mindset for the trip, now for the main event. About a week after ThanksgivingI call up my friend and asking him if he had plans for the coming new years. I liked all the details you included. My friend and another friend that I met in Orlando, are taking me some place as a surprise. Location PA Posts 1, First, it was my first time flying, so by the time I hit the ground I was well giddy as school boy on the first day of class; so to speak. I am in full asshole mode, by the end of the night, I am either getting arrested for sexual harassment or in bed fucking this chick.

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