Masturbation from a christian perspective

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However, the primary place where sexual immorality occurs is with others. Let's look at some verses that speak of sexual morality. During my ministry I often turned to one particular-counselor friend for advice on how to guide a counselee with whom I was working. The following feature consists of two alternative views on masturbation. Get equipped to speak up confidently and with conviction about what you believe and why in your church, workplace, community and in the public square.

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The following are two opinions, neither represents an official CMF view.

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Is masturbation wrong?

Furthermore, masturbation is as universal as the shame which follows indulging in it. For the true sex addict who may have sex or masturbate more than once a day, such a person reaches a point where an erection cannot be maintained even during masturbation. Nevertheless, we must be cautious to pronounce something to be sinful or not sinful when God has not discussed it. From nucleus - autumn - Masturbation - Two Views [pp] The following feature consists of two alternative views on masturbation. When you sin, ask for forgiveness. Decreasing testosterone and increasing estrogen in males wreck havoc with sexual desire.

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masturbation from a christian perspective
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masturbation from a christian perspective
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