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AaronJan 7, So yes, it's possible if you are very very horny, especially if you do some kegels, though the orgasm is less pleasurable. In a way, i don't think it's a risk-free thing, because imo it involves fantasizing, but wouldn't it somehow help to awaken your libido if you could orgasm through sheer will and concentration power? Allow your breathing patterns to change, but do not hold your breath. This might sound like nonsense — and to be honest, it very well may be. I was just watching and after 1 minute I got an orgasm without even touching.

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Inhale and relax, filling your body with oxygen energy and exhale and contract, flattening your back and contracting your vaginal muscles.

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Getting An Orgasm Without Physical Stimulation? Here’s How It Can Happen

Some people reviewing it said it worked for them, but not everybody. But I don't understand how doing this could help you: Are Smaller Penises Less Fertile? Be patient, repeating the steps continuously and allowing your mind to wander through the thoughts it creates, whether they be erotic or purely relaxing. Slowly repeat your exhaling and inhaling, actively pumping energy throughout your entire body.

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how to cum without touching yourself
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how to cum without touching yourself
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