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For parents, one of the most concerning things about teenagers addicted to computer games is the effect it has on their child's academic performance. Today, parents still worry about the effects of violent computer games and of course it also remains a popular topic for the media. An examination of the literature reveals that those who study video game addiction sometimes disagree on the proportion of children and teenagers addicted to computer games. Like Teen Kids News. You don't want to miss this total XXX treasure, browse through our fantastic content and pick your favorite teen videos. Dice fruit into very

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The share of Hispanics who say they have access to a game console at home grew by 10 percentage points during this time period. Inthree online platforms other than Facebook — YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat — are used by sizable majorities of this age group. Parents who are worried that their teenager is spending too much time playing computer games and neglecting other activities should not assume that their child will eventually get bored of video games and that gaming is simply a phase. Teen Kids News - November 14, Please read the Methodology section for full details on how the survey was conducted.

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