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Never-mind it if the harshness of the chemicals was starting to make her feel a little dizzy. Some arrows and words scrawled in crayon would be a big help right about now. Her sickness-blurred eyes barely focused enough to look at the soft darkened shapes of the metal furniture in this room as so her mind could imagine things being better. In a rare instance of a game getting overseas censorship, the Grey Child is an enemy from the first in the series who made it into the US version, but was replaced for the Japanese and European releases. If only this was just a nightmare… Never mind that, thought the girl to herself.

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They look from building windows and pull down window-shades, as if the short aging buildings of this town had lots of square eyes, and they were pulling square eyelids shut just enough to give the illusion of sleeping.

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It was they who kept her locked up. More on that later. Shopkeepers sold to her because police in her neighborhood aren't there to catch the act. A narrow neck and prominent throat, a broad-cheeked face with a small pouty mouth and sunken hazel eyes that looked so dark these days. Darkness began to close over her vision as the madness of this moment.

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